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Pureforet - Centella Cica Body Care Set

Pureforet - Centella Cica Body Care Set


Pureforet Centella Cica Body Wash

This refreshing body wash is best for acne-prone, sensitive skin, and soothing heat rashes.  A healthy way to cleanse your skin that has become hot with sweat, dust and humidity.  This is a functional cosmetic product that completed the MFDS review for relieving symptoms of acne.  


Pureforet Centella Cica Body Mist

Just spray the mist over your body after a shower and JUST 3 SECONDS is all you need to replenish dehydrated skin by strengthening your skin's natural barrier and balances moisture content in the skin.  t also quickly calms tired and damaged skin.


These 2 products are a perfect match working together to restore your healthy and glowing skin.  You will definitely see the difference and improvement after using them.  Perfect for sweaty, oily and acne-prone skin.  Don't worry, you can use them day and night.

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