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Kissyme - Natural Organic Damask Rose Water Spray

Kissyme - Natural Organic Damask Rose Water Spray

SKU: Kissyme-Organic-Damask-Rose-Water-Spray

Extracted by distillation of organic Rosa damascene petals and naturally rich in active principles, Rose water is often recommended for dry or delicate skin. It helps regulate sebum secretion and tends to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and lines.

Capaciry: 30ml / 100ml




容量:30毫升 / 100毫升

  • Ingredients

    Pure organic rose water




  • How to use

    Apply to the face with a cotton pad after toning and before applying your lotion or serum. Spray on your face and pat to absorb. Kissyme floral water can also be used to blend homemade skincare preparations such as scrubs, masks, moisturizers and lotions.



    可直接噴灑在已清潔的皮膚上,再讓產品慢慢被吸收。Kissyme 花水也可用於混合自製護膚品,如磨砂膏,面膜,保濕霜和乳液內使用。

  • Caution

    • Keep out of reach of children
    • Do skin testing first, stop using if irritation develops
    • All raw material are for external use only
    • If swallowed, seek medical attention immediately
    • Store in a cool and dry place
    • Does not contain any chemical ingredients



    請將本品放在兒童不能接觸的地方 首先進行皮膚測試,如果感覺刺激,請停止使用 所有原材料僅供外部使用。

    存放在陰涼乾燥的地方 不含任何化學成分。

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