Pureforet - super energy anti-aging cream

Pureforet - super energy anti-aging cream


A perfect product for wrinkle reduction and hydration solution.  It contains Ulleungdo stonecrop Extract which is excellent for enhancing skin resilience and Adenosine, a key element for wrinkle reduction.  Witch Hazel and Allantoin provide moisture and energy to keep the skin hydrated and prevent wrinkles caused by dryness.

Capacity: 50g




再生激活乳霜主打抗皺和保濕,能有效恢復光澤,達至飽滿保濕的膚質。它包含了韓國特有的鬱陵島紅景天提取物(Ulleungdo stonecrop),是韓國聞明能增強皮膚彈性、減少皺紋的成份恩子。 金縷梅和尿囊素亦能為皮膚提供水潤彈性,防止皮膚因缺乏水份而引起的皺紋。