Pureforet - centella cica cleansing water

Pureforet - centella cica cleansing water

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This all in one cleansing water can effectively removes dirt, cleanses skin and refreshes. It balances your
skin’s natural pH level making it healthier and less irritated. The madecassic acid in leaves and stems of
Centella Asiatica has excellent healing effects on inflammation and wounds. It is used in ointments or
cosmetics for contact dermatitis, acne, and inflammatory skin problems. This multi cleansing water is
perfect for acne-prone and irritated skin type.

Capacity: 500ml




是一支全能的潔面卸妝水,能有效地去除皮膚污垢、保持皮膚潔淨和光亮。它平衡了皮膚的 pH 值,不會刺激皮膚,同時使皮膚健康。亞洲積雪草葉和莖中的羥基乙酸提取物對炎症和傷口有很好的愈合作用。能有效地用於治療接觸性皮炎、暗瘡和黑頭暗粒等皮膚問題。這種多功能潔面水非常適合暗瘡性和敏感性的皮膚類型。